Inspirisiontech‘s founding philosophy is to provide full-package engineering solutions. To achieve this target, we work know-how oriented methodic way by using interdisciplinary approach. Field of activity is commercial and scientific applications in Transportation and Aerospace Industries.

As a visionary engineering and consultant company competing in global markets, our goal is to serve our customers by providing integrated engineering solutions combination of computational analysis and testing requirements, special machinery prototype production and test systems design according to the needs of our customers. The mission of Inspirisiontech is to reveal high quality R&D projects by using up-to-date technology and engineering infrastructure. With this policy, we will be pleased to be your innovation partner to build a better future.

At Inspirisiontech, we are excited by the capability of providing novel and ground-breaking detection capabilities.

We also offer start-ups with start to finish support surrounding innovation voucher funding from ideation to submission to the local state innovation office (for Germany only). As a visionary company we seek to facilitate growth by enabling partnerships and providing valuable experience.