Downsizing and Downspeeding topics by traditional commercial vehicles have been a negative impact on the vibration and acoustic properties of the vehicle. However, Brand image and safety regulations push the investment on NVH. Nowadays, Electrified Vehicles (BEV & PHEV) are getting into the play and boost the significance of the Acoustics. NVH properties of Electrified Vehicles play an important role in contrast to traditional cars.

While the dominated acoustic source of tradional cars is engine, Wind Noise and Artifical Sounds are more important for BEV & PHEV designs. Further, HVAC Noise and E-Mobility based problems may have been priorisied.

If you are confused about NVH problems, you are at the right address! To get into touch with an NVH Expert for your project is in many cases more harder than the problem itself.  We can offer you NVH Experts from our Expert-Pool according to your specific targets and needs. NVH Consulting topics are stated as:

  • Vibration & Acoustic Testing

  • Test Method Development

  • Data Acquisition and Project Support

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Active Noise Cancellation

  • Active Sound Design

  • NVH Team Building

  • NVH Consulting

  • End-of-Line (EOL) NVH

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