Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct has been approved by Inspirisiontech Engineering. It applies to all employees, officers and directors (hereinafter referred to as “Employees”) of Inspirisiontech Engineering.


Ethics, Laws and Regulations

Inspirisiontech Engineering strives for long-term growth by providing real value to its customers. Employees shall at all times comply with ethical and legal standards in the conduct of business. In doing so, employees shall act professionally, honestly and with the highest standards of integrity.

All Inspirisiontech Engineering companies and employees shall comply with both the spirit and the letter of applicable international and national laws wherever Inspirisiontech Engineering operates. These include laws and regulations promoting fair competition, regulating publicly traded securities, corporate governance, personal privacy, protection against corruption, and dealing with product safety and labor laws. Inspirisiontech Engineering respects human rights, for example, as defined by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Conflicts of interest, gifts and bribes

Employees must avoid any conflict between their own personal interests and the interests of Inspirisiontech Engineering. This includes, but is not limited to, the distribution or receipt of personal gifts or entertainment by Inspirisiontech Engineering stakeholders, except for reasonable gifts or entertainment acceptable under applicable laws in the ordinary course of Inspirisiontech Engineering’s business. Inspirisiontech Engineering prohibits any bribery and refrains from any participation in money laundering.


Confidential Information of Inspirisiontech Engineering

Inspirisiontech Engineering’s trade secrets and proprietary information are valuable assets, so their use and protection is of the utmost importance. In particular, trade secrets and other confidential information must be protected by ensuring their confidentiality and, where appropriate, seeking additional protection through the registration of intellectual property rights.

Employees who receive or learn Inspirisiontech Engineering’s confidential business information or trade secrets are prohibited (except for Inspirisiontech Engineering business purposes) from disclosing said information to third parties (including friends and family members).



Inspirisiontech Engineering strives to sustainably align the interests of people, the environment and the economy and contribute to a more sustainable world. Inspirisiontech Engineering considers the environmental aspects of its product range and continually strives to reduce the overall impact of its operations and promote sustainability by developing environmentally friendly products and services.



Inspirisiontech Engineering does not participate in politics and does not support political parties or groups financially or otherwise. Employees who participate in political activities may do so only as private citizens and not as representatives of Inspirisiontech Engineering.



Inspirisiontech Engineering is a responsible employer and promotes equal opportunity for all employees. Discrimination on the basis of, for example, race, nationality, age, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership or political activity is not permitted. Inspirisiontech Engineering does not permit child or forced labor and does not work with suppliers who do. Inspirisiontech Engineering strives to provide employees with fair compensation and a safe and healthy workplace.


Customers and Suppliers

Inspirisiontech Engineering is determined to help its customers succeed, as this will also help Inspirisiontech Engineering succeed. Inspirisiontech Engineering strives for mutual satisfaction and trust in all agreements, high quality in products and services, fair prices and excellent after-sales service. Inspirisiontech Engineering treats all stakeholders of the company with the same attitude with which we approach our customers. From its suppliers, Inspirisiontech Engineering expects the same ethical, social, environmental and quality standards that are listed in this Code of Conduct. Inspirisiontech Engineering also expects its suppliers and business partners to familiarize themselves with this Code of Conduct.



All questions regarding this Code of Conduct should be directed to Inspirisiontech Engineering’s General Counsel. Any suspected violations of the Code of Conduct shall be reported to the employee’s own supervisors, the General Counsel, the local Human Resources Department or the Group Human Resources Department and will be dealt with appropriately by management. Any alleged violation will be investigated in full confidentiality and brought to resolution. Employees are encouraged to contact their supervisor in unclear situations.

Actions inconsistent with this Code must be corrected immediately and are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Inspirisiontech Engineering ensures that there will be no adverse employment-related consequences if an employee reports a violation of this Code.