Inspirisiontech provides a wide range of consulting activities facilitating global networking, start-up growth and investment opportunities, using an experienced and international team of consultants.


R & D Consulting

The knowledge from setting up Test Rigs and Systems oriented to customer requirements to starting a new venture from its initiation till the operational condition.



German-Turkish Collaboration

Inspirisiontech focuses on intensifying German-Turkish cooperation, generating collaborations, promoting technology transfer and joint projects in the field of research and development.


NVH Consulting
Vibration & Acoustics

To get into touch with an NVH Expert for your project is in many cases more harder than the problem itself.  We can offer you NVH Experts from our Expert-Pool according to your specific targets and needs.


Our brand-new company provides engineering and academic training courses based on the acquired theoretical knowledge at various levels in order to contribute the engineering skills.


Inspirisiontech offers its production partners a range of manufacturing opportunities within an enormous and international supplier network.