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Consulting Project with Porsche Digital

By Saturday January 23rd, 2021August 19th, 2022No Comments


Porsche Digital, the subsidiary of the Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer, is expanding its product portfolio. The digital assistant ‘Sounce’ offers an improved ability to detect noise – for example, during vehicle component tests. Among other things, the aim is to improve the development and production of components in the automotive industry. The technology, which uses deep learning methods, can reliably and precisely detect noise, for example during endurance tests. This takes the strain off development engineers in particular, who normally have to be personally present throughout such tests. The assistant also makes error documentation more precise and simplifies root cause analysis.

We Inspirisiontech ​Engineering are appreciated to hear the release of Sounce Software by Porsche Digital. Sounce is an amazing noise detection software based on AI  and advanced deep learning methods. Inspirisiontech Engineering supported this product as being Freelancer / Consultant. Our Consultant and Executive Officer Abdullah Emre Özdemir mentions ”Porsche AG is the innovation leader in German Automotive market supported by Porsche Digital. I believe that success comes with dynamic, international and highly skilled teams with open-minded managers.”
More information about  the product:


Sounce Software


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